Protecting our employees every
day and supporting healthy lifestyle
practices that enable our teams
to thrive.

Workplace Health & Safety
Creating a Safe Working Environment

We are committed to employee safety at all ESCO facilities. Our corporate headquarters has a designated person tasked with oversight and monitoring of appropriate safety programs for all subsidiaries. Through employee training and continuous improvement, we strive for a zero-incident environment. We have equipment and procedures to protect employees in their work and we train employees on proper safety protocols. Each ESCO subsidiary has a designated safety supervisor and formalized safety programs. Two of our newest subsidiaries, Mayday and Hi-Tech recently hired a full-time safety manager and initiated a formal safety committee.

Our health and safety programs must comply with applicable local, state and federal safety laws and regulations. Our corporate team periodically performs environmental, health and safety compliance audits at our subsidiaries. This includes reviewing OSHA protocols for the following:

  • Training records
  • Machine guarding
  • Emergency planning
  • Egress
  • Injury recordkeeping
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Audiometric programs
  • Forklift safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Lockout tag out
  • Hazard communication
  • Emergency action plans
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Spray booths
  • Respiratory protection
  • General housekeeping

In addition, as required in our facilities and processes, we monitor air quality to ensure that we maintain exposure to dust, fumes, chemicals and/or hazardous substances below OSHA-mandated levels. VACCO continuously monitors its manufacturing area to ensure that its oxygen levels and other hazardous gases are within permissible ranges. VACCO has a security system with audible and visual alarms if the oxygen levels reach a level which could indicate an inert gas leak. This system also monitors alcohol, acid and combustible gases in the manufacturing area. PTI Technologies, was recognized by Cal OSHA with its Golden Gate Partnership Recognition/Certificate for its efforts in implementing and maintaining an effective injury and illness prevention program.

Our insurance carrier is also an active partner in helping us keep our facilities safe. Inspectors periodically visit our locations to ensure that our fire protection systems are operable and meet current requirements based on fire ratings. They also perform tests of our alarm systems, inspect our pressure vessels for integrity and check that we meet seismic requirements for fire protection piping and natural gas lines.


All factory employees are required to undergo mandatory safety training. Certain facilities offer extra CPR/First Aid/AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training classes throughout the year while others offer substantially expanded MERT programs (Medical Emergency Response Team). VACCO conducts annual health monitoring testing and a hearing conservation program for employees who are exposed to higher level of noise.

Our Safety Committees meet regularly and monitor safety issues and incident reporting. They look for root causes to remedy situations, believing that safety issues are usually indicative of a problem with the underlying process and not the fault of an individual person. We are consistently impressed by the innovation of our subsidiaries in training and monitoring employee health and safety in the workplace.

VACCO has a 'Code Blue' team for medical emergencies. This team consists of 40 volunteer members who are trained in First Aid, AED and CPR. VACCO provides annual training to Code Blue members at no cost. All VACCO facilities are equipped with AED machines and First Aid supplies. The Code Blue team has responded to many medical emergencies such as illness and injuries, but most notably, the team members saved the life of an employee who suffered a heart attack on the job last year. Paramedics that treated the individual stated that the employee would not be alive today if it hadn’t been for the trained employees of ‘Code Blue.’

VACCO has 15 members on a Hazmat team who each have 40 hours of specialized training and an additional 8 hours annual refresher training. The Hazmat team members' responsibilities include responding to non-incidental emergency spills, bulk chemical handling, and responding quickly and effectively to an emergency evacuation.

Employee Wellness

ESCO believes that when our employees are healthy, our employees and our businesses thrive. Nearly ten years ago, we implemented a corporate wellness program to offer our team opportunities to follow a healthy lifestyle. The majority of our subsidiaries have wellness committees that champion these efforts. Our wellness programs are a source of pride for our companies. Our programming includes:

  • Fitness challenges such as “Maintain – Don’t Gain”
    and other programs
  • Classes such as lunch and learns, yoga and meditation
  • Health fairs at corporate and subsidiary locations
  • Volunteering and participation in events such as fundraising walks/runs/rides and other events in support of charitable organizations

The programs are tailored to the interests of the employees at each location and therefore activities vary by subsidiary. For example, PTI deployed 40 stand up desks to employees and provides them upon request, while ETS hosts onsite yoga every Friday and a quarterly “Healthy Cooking Challenge.” VACCO’s initiatives include offering meal vouchers to employees as an incentive for its rideshare program as well as a free subscription to “Family Safety and Health” magazine to keep employees and their families educated on various safety and health topics. We also offer an Employee Assistance Program to help employees deal with personal concerns affecting home or work life.  

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